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Snow Leopard
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Really Cool Place

Tonight I attended a continuing education meeting at a place in Bethlehem called the Venel Institute. This is a brand new 12,000 sq foot training facility for surgeons. 

The vision and creation of this place is due in large part to Dr. Stephen Brigido, a foot and ankle surgeon. He also happens to be the person that finally gave Chris relief after two years of foot pain. Thank God for wonderful surgeons!! 

Anyhow, this place is really amazing. There is a classroom with remote links to the other room, a 3,000 sq ft room with all sorts of laparoscopic, endoscopic and arthroscopic equipment and multiple TV monitors, a cafe area and locker room facilities.

At this time, I'm not sure what we veterinarians will be able to do with this facility. They have a relationship with Valley Central Referral Center (who helped sponsor the meeting and gave the presentations tonight). It was nice to be able to put names to faces too. 

There is a really amazing place in Las Vegas called the Oquendo Center that does veterinary surgical and medical training. I'd love to go out there and do some things but it can be difficult to take the time off and obviously there are additional costs associated with this type of trip. 

I would love it if we could have some of that training available RIGHT here in the Lehigh Valley. The impression I got was that they want to train veterinarians in minimally invasive procedures. The biggest question I always have is...are clients going to pay for it? Training costs $$, the equipment costs $$ and yes, it should cost MORE ..but will the economy support it if we do it?

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