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Snow Leopard
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breed of the Week: English Mastiff

I know...awwwwww...right? They ARE adorable puppies..that grow into this ---->

My friend Terri's handsome young male, Molson

I don't see a lot of this breed, probably because most people prefer smaller breed dogs for ease of care and space in their home.

However, these dogs are so sweet. In general, despite their large size, they do not require a ton of activity, like a Labrador would. They can, in fact, be quite lazy. 

I'd defer to Terri on all things Mastiff (she's a vet and a show dog veteran too so she knows her stuff) but I can tell you a few things that are common to this breed:

1. Hip and elbow dysplasia. This can be diagnosed through properly executed xrays which MAY require sedation. This is absolutely necessary before even considering breeding.

2. OCD - a cartilage disease that produces lameness in a young dog. Also diagnosed through xrays and sometimes other imaging modalities.

3. GDV or "bloat" where the stomach fills up with fluids/air/food and sometimes twists. A true life threatening emergency that requires immediate decompression and surgery. It can be prevented by having the stomach "tacked" to the body wall.  Also animals should not be fed or watered with large amounts and then allowed to run/exercise.

4. Osteosarcoma -bone cancer. Unfortunately, this is a common theme with a lot of large breeds.

They are a pleasure to be around and not at all aggressive. Their size and appearance can be intimidating to some but this can be a "good" thing depending on the situation.

And they live peacefully with other critters.  I LOVE when I get the chance to pet sit them for my friend. They are excellent company!

For More Information on this Breed Visit:

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