Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm struggling with today's topic. I don't really have one. I had a weird day. I know, I usually don't discuss "personal" stuff on here but I had a fender bender that set my day askew. I am a feline at heart - a control freak ok? I like things to fall the way I plan them to fall. I know that doesn't ALWAYS happen. I know that - on an intellectual level - but still, I have my dreams, plans, and schemes and I always plan on THEM working out.

Here is what I want to say about today: as a veterinarian, I enjoy being needed/wanted. I like that MY experiences, knowledge and training can help someone I care about. Yes, I help those I don't even know daily. But today is about people I know. I LOVE being able to help those that are close to me. Those people often feel "bad" or as if they are "putting me out." The truth is, my ego needs it. I get a lot of my value as a person out of what I can do to help someone or their pet. Please don't hesitate to let me help because I do NOT freely give out my 24/7 availability to the world (there ARE some crazy people out there!). Amazingly, the friends and colleagues I do give out the info to , do NOT abuse it. That's EXACTLY why I'd go to the ends of the EARTH for them!

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