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Snow Leopard
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Honesty IS the Best AND Safest Policy

I can't believe I even have to say this - but please do not lie to your veterinarian (or your own personal doctors) about what you are giving your pet (or yourself), what you are and are not doing with them, etc. It could be harmful or even fatal (so if you do lie and something bad happens, don't YOU dare sue!).

I had a client that has a young cat with a potentially serious medical condition. After much discussion, I finally got to her to go a specialist for some necessary diagnostics.  She went first, not to a SPECIALIST, but another vet that ran these tests for less money (but remember, they are not boarded in said specialty that kitty needs) AND proceeded to tell them what tests she wanted/didn't want. I just figured fine, whatever. Just get the tests done.  Miraculously, she ends up going to the veterinarian I had originally recommended. They fax me their findings and get the kitty started on appropriate medication.

The clients calls me a few days later, expressing concern about every side effect listed on this drug and saying her cat is showing these signs. Now just know that this cat has a condition that could be fatal - and suddenly so. AND some of the signs of the disease process are similar to the "potential" side effects of the drug. So we agreed she'd see how the cat did over the following few days and set up a recheck, which the cat needed anyhow.  

I recently see this client with this cat, because this cat is now having worsening signs.  Interestingly, she tells my technician the cat has not been on the RECOMMENDED medication but is on "herbs" that SHE herself picked out on-line for the cat. YES, people really do this! Now mind you, there are veterinarians out there that are "holistic" and have a lot of knowledge about which herbs and other natural remedies can and can't be used, how they interact, which species they can be used on, doses, etc. Had she wanted this, I could've helped her seek knowledgeable, professional help. I had a little word with her on this: One, lying to me is totally unacceptable. I was giving advice based on HER lie, which could potentially harm this cat. Oh and this cat's condition has progressed by the way and I don't know if it's because of what she used, NOT using the recommended medications or simply that it would've anyhow.  

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