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Snow Leopard
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Look Back

Happy New Year!!

As a new year starts, it's reasonable to assume most of us take a look at the year that has gone by and assess our lives -personally and professionally.  The veterinary industry is no different. This article takes a look at the top 10 issues (not just problems but trends, stories, etc) the industry faced last year.

The list is (the article provides more detail but is a quick slideshow type read):

1. Pet ownership jumps 2.1 %
2. Competition with "Dr. Google" (one of my biggest issues!)
3. Acts of heroism
4. Prevention is better than treatment
5. Supply and Demand of us DVM's
6. New competitive pressures
7. Heartworm treatment??! 
8. Drug shortages
9. Student debt and the future (debt went up, salaries went
                                                down - bad combo)
10. Where veterinary education is going in the future

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