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Snow Leopard
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Time is Valuable

First let me say that I did not forget to blog yesterday but Blogger was down for maintenance all night. 

After working in several veterinary practices over the years AND having been a patient at more than a few "real" doc practices myself, I've come to some conclusions about appointment times. This comes from real world experiences I've had.

The main thing is that you train your clients to behave how YOU want. You either reward bad behavior or you have rules in place that you stand by and therefore, reward good behavior.

I feel silly for even saying this stuff because I do NOT behave in this manner with my own doctors, but apparently it needs saying:

If you are fit in to an already full schedule and YOU are late, do not DARE complain and say you want things rushed along. OR that you have other appointments. Be grateful that the doctor is even staying for you (ie, it's the end of the day) or that you are not simply rescheduled for being late. I do not rush MY exam and treatment of YOUR animal. 

Don't wait until late Friday afternoon to call about your dog that's been vomiting for days! Really. First of all, it's not really good for the dog and now, while we may do some diagnostics in the office, you MAY have to take her to an overnight care facility (read that spend more $). 

On that note, some practices pretty much let the client determine when they want to come in which NEVER works. Sure, it's fine to accommodate to an extent but we need to be aware of what is already scheduled or those that have scheduled already may be stuck waiting (not really fair to them unless there is a TRUE emergency!). 

If you are running late pick up your cell phone and call please.  These days there is little to no excuse for not even making a phone call. Simply not showing up at all - esp if you are a "new" client - is absolutely a perfectly acceptable reason to be fired as a client before you even become one. If you can't even have the decency to show up to a first appointment - sick pet or not - don't bother.

Let me tell you: I've been told by some of MY own doctors - if you are 5+ minutes late - we WILL cancel you and you will have to make another appointment. In some cases you can be charged or NEVER given a Saturday appointment again. Good for them. I don't give THEIR staff crap over it either. They have busy, full schedules. It's life. Giving them grief over it will certainly not help ME out. So being nasty to the staff at a vet practice will certainly not buy you any good will.  And why should the clients that did show up on time and with the correct number of pets (gotta love those that brought along "Fluffy" because they just wanted you take a quick peek at her) be penalized!

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  1. Thanks Christine
    All appointments deserve to be prompt and existing appointments deserve their full time. We have drop in people after hours and many of these individuals walk to my car with me as we wrap up the needed discussion (not your option I realize)