Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sahara, A True Beauty

I, like most pet owners, am absolutely biased when it comes to my "kids." However, even within my household of critters, I find that I have favorites in different ways.

Sahara is a truly gorgeous cat. Her beauty takes my breath away at times.

Ok. Is this not FREAKING adorable????
One day, at a practice I was working at, a very young kitten (<2 mos) came in seizing. I was NOT the veterinarian that took care of her so the initial history is spotty to me. I do know she was purchased from a pet store and brought into a home. It was at this home that the seizures started.  

She quickly became a rabies suspect. Anytime we have a neurologic case and most ESPECIALLY in an unvaccinated animal (she was too young for the vaccine) we HAVE to put Rabies on our differential list (list of possible causes of said process).  The vet that took care of her got her seizures under control and we had her for observation.

She did well with us and continued to resume normal kitten activities and behaviors. 

As a bit of time went on, some additional information came out: namely, she was dropped by small children and her seizures were likely caused by head trauma! Thank God we didn't just euthanize her!

Anyhow, the staff kept bugging me. Somehow, whenever a kitty needed help, they came to me. They must've seen me as a sucker :) I am proudly one. Ask the 5 other felines in the household. In any case, her truly sweet nature drew me in. 

So, without MUCH coaxing (no, I mean it..Chris is as bad as I am!), I brought this little long haired sand colored kitty home. But what to name her? I, like T.S. Elliiot, believe a cat's name is a very important choice.   

I knew her name needed to be:
1) Descriptive of her feminine ways
2) Descriptive of her coloration 
3) Unique

So, believe or not, the internet helped me out here. I had all sorts of names: Tiramisu, Saffron, Meringue..gosh I can't remember them all. Yes, I DO love food names! But I wanted one that really felt right. I found a cool website for Pet Names that allows you to enter some basic data and search some topics. Chris and I spent an ENTIRE weekend speaking names. One of us would like one but the other wouldn't be "sold" on it. Sahara HIT It dead on! It was feminine and described her beautiful wispy sand colored coat. Yes. She is our sweet Sahara.

Sahara has shown us several major personality traits:

1. Sweet. This cat does NOT have a mean or hissy bone in her body
2. Groomer. She grooms EVERY other cat's head and also the dog's back. She frequently tries to rub against Eggroll looking for a return lick. He doesn't "get it."
3. Chirper. She doesn't meow, she chirps.  It's cute. Unless it's 3am.


  1. you just have to love cats...what's 3AM to them they sleep all the time anyway!!

  2. What's 3AM when they get to go back to bed while we work all day? :) Work to keep them in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to!