Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just an Observation

I notice everywhere I go,many times pets  come up in conversation. People can be talking about ANYTHING and invariably before long they are trading stories about their dogs or describing the antics of their cats.  This just happened to me in church this AM as I approached two ladies. 

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised considering how many households have pets. Certainly, I am not sorry they do - it's good that people value their pets and enjoy their company and the stories they provide us with! 

I will admit to cringing though because quite often I hear things that are either not good medically or behaviorally, or find that people are seeking medical advice from sources other than their veterinarians (THE trained pet professionals!) or even that I may be called upon to diagnose a pet unseen. Trust me, I won't. Go to YOUR vet! If you aren't comfortable with them, find someone you can develop that relationship with!

It's a good reminder that you NEVER know who is around listening. I try to keep that in mind too - when discussing ANYTHING!


  1. Of course I am the person who sends you pictures and asks you what you think! But you have been invaluable to me when I have asked for advice after receiving a dx from my vet or confirming how I felt about a dx....

  2. No worries. YOU are not a problem! And seeking a second or third opinion is perfectly fine. Any vet that doesn't like that, is not confident/secure. We should want what's best for that pet and if that means I am wrong so be it. How else do we learn anything?