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Snow Leopard
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Common Human Medications That Your Pet May Ingest

Almost weekly, a pet owner calls in with a concern because the dog or cat ingested "x" medication that belongs to the owner. Sometimes I know what potential problems there could be, but often not - especially because there are SO many drugs, so many NEW drugs and the dose for an animal (think about the size and physiological differences in cats versus dogs - chihuahuas to Great Danes!) versus the average human can obviously vary quite a bit! 

There are so many human medications, I am not even sure how   physicians keep up with them. Fortunately, we have a PDR (a Physicians Desk Reference) too and access to some great veterinary toxicologists through several hotlines.  

I just read an article I thought was worth sharing that details what a few top selling human meds are and how they affect your pet should he/she ingest them. Fortunately, in most cases, they are NOT a problem.  These drugs include: Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Advair Diskus and Abilify. Who knew?  The last two are apparently the BIG concerns.  Amazingly, Plavix has a wide margin of safety in pets, so generally no worries about them bleeding out on this one! 

Top Prescription Drugs and Your Pets

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