Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Buyer Beware

I found this brief but informative video from the FDA regarding purchasing veterinary drugs on-line.

For many of us, on-line pharmacies have been frustrating (they take up quite a bit of technician time - between faxes, phone calls, etc) and do NOT promote the client-pet-veterinarian relationship.   There are many things that Betty White fails to tell the general pet owner on her commercials. The #1 thing is to see your veterinarian. But other things are:

1) Many vets will match catalog and on-line pharmacy prices if you ask. We understand that everyone is looking to save money. We will also ship to you. You don't have to bring your Mastiff INTO the hospital EVERY time you need a refill. Where did they come up with THAT?

2) Some vets have their own on-line pharmacy - why not support YOUR vet practice - the new equipment, staff, etc is going to help your animals and others out in the future.

3) The large pharmacies buy in bulk so yes, they have lower prices. Just remember, sound economics dictates that if we lost $1000/month in flea/tick prevention or heartworm prevention sales, it has to be made up elsewhere - higher exam fees, a $120 xray vs $100, etc. There is A LOT of overheard in a veterinary practice - in equipment, staffing, pharmacy (a BIG one) and physical facilities. Not a complaint, just a fact.

4) The companies will NOT back products sold on-line. They will if we sell it to you. Why? They don't know where it came from, how it was stored, handled, was it repackaged, etc. Because YES, that does and has happened. Products have had labels from other countries with different concentrations, etc. Then a pet owner ends up spending MORE money because now they need veterinary intervention.

5) They can't diagnose or evaluate your animal. I never see them give a number out to call when your pet has an issue or emergency...hmm....


  1. Very good points. I just wish people understood how important heartworm preventative is and truly cheaper than treating your pet.

  2. It is. Especially where you live - the southeast - which has the highest incidence of HW disease.