Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my blog readers!

Of course, you know, I have to be the one to give warnings about today. It's my nature. I do not want to see your pets sick this week because of today's activities! Especially when many things can be avoided like:

1. Chocolate - this wonderful stuff is available EVERY holiday it seems but again, especially dark and baking chocolate is toxic to our pets causing cardiac and neurologic effects.  Milk and white chocolate often causes gastrointestinal upset and can cause pancreatitis (bad!).

2. Easter grass - kitties love this stuff. Often causes obstructions.

3. Ham and other wonderful foods WE consume - again, gastrointestinal upset and pancreatitis - yes, even a "small" amount and YES, even if they had it last year and were fine. 

4. Easter lillies - cause kidney failure in cats.

5. Trauma - just be smart. With the nicer weather approaching, it's also "hit by car" season. Yes, accidents happen but be aware of your pet's tendencies and where you live or are visiting and make smart choices.

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