Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Few Thoughts

I always want to post or write about stuff that is relevant and yes, close to my heart or at least something I've confronted that day or week.

Nothing has inspired me lately. I admit. And yet, I know there is so much that people need to be educated about. And I say that with no "superiority" type complex. Just that over the course of the past few months, I have heard and seen some things that tell me that even in THIS day and age of what I "affectionately" (not really) call Dr. Google, people still don't know things.

Ok, so what do I mean?

1.  Rabies is a serious public health threat. Yes, every pet..EVERY pet..needs to be vaccinated. It's about $20 for peace of mind for EVERYONE. No big deal. Yes, even indoor kitties and spoiled Chihuahuas.

2. Over the counter meds: why, oh why, does the phone only work after 3 weeks of doing this versus before we start. I had this moment this AM before I fully woke up where I felt compelled beyond belief to say this: there was a time when I used to recommend to my clients to START with buffered aspirin for arthritis. NOW, NOW, we know, through endoscopic evidence, that even if your pet is "fine" he or she very very very likely has small GI bleeds. This is significant and over time can and will cause issues. And yes, we have better drugs now. Veterinary specific, tested, and time tested drugs. If any of my pets come up lame - they will NOT be getting aspirin. Oh and yeah, we DO need periodic blood work for pets on ANY NSAID.

But there are others that people go with too - ibuprofen: NO. Tyelenol: NO. If you have a cat, congrats, do you want individual or simple cremation? Really.

3. Lyme disease is HUGE where I practice. HUGE. Ticks are bad. Vaccinate and use a product like Vectra. AND test. Yes test. We still get positive dogs. It's that bad. And yes, it can affect their kidneys so I don't hesitate to URGE clients to do this.

4. Pets cost money. Yes. And pets are a luxury. And yes, it's great that people rescue pets but they need to know their limits too!

5. Last but not least today: Cats - they need check ups. Perhaps even more than dogs. Know why? They are master manipulators - meant with love here - because they act fine when inside they are a giant mess..until they cannot hide it any longer. Please don't get a cat and use the "he's only indoors" , "he hates the carrier" or "I don't want to spend money on my cat but I will on my dog" (ok frankly no one ever admits to the latter one but I SEE it all the time) excuse. A cat is a living breathing LOVING animal who deserves care too.

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  1. yes those felines do mask their physical ailments!!! Thanks plus so glad you are a Godly woman your friend Donna