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Snow Leopard
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

They Have NO Clue

In going through some animal related articles, I found this article about College Majors that Are Useless.

On this is list is MY major: Animal Science. 

I found that first article after reading this on how WE took issue with the assertions.

Anyone that knows me, knows I can't stand by and just listen to it, so yeah,  I commented on it:

Here is what I wrote: 

As the proud EARNER of a BS in Animal Science, I beg to differ here. As the article quotes: "Graduates with animal science degrees who responded to a recent Purdue University survey said they used their majors to find careers in animal production, at zoos and the pharmaceutical industry. A degree in animal science also opens doors for additional graduate and professional training in areas such as veterinary medicine, research and education".

I'm thrilled it came from the place I received my SECOND and professional degree THANKS to my Ani Sci degree - Purdue Univ. 

I am a practicing veterinarian and my love of large animals came from the experience I gained at the Univ of Delaware earning my Animal Sci degree. I didn't grow up on a farm and sadly, we are more and more removed from the source of our food, clothing and other supplies we all use day to day. I didn't know I loved working with poultry, cattle, sheep, etc until that experience. I am glad UD can provide that for so many. I know other universities that do the same. 

There are so many paths you can take with this degree. It is extremely strong in science but gives you the extra edge of having education related to animals - above what a regular biology degree would give you.

I could've done research, worked for the government, gone on to a PhD, an MPH, or an MD (if I didn't make it into vet school), worked in a zoo, worked for all sorts of companies from pharmaceuticals to feed companies and everything in between.

I would NOT trade this degree for anything. If I didn't want to go to vet school, I have no doubt I could be employed in any of a wide variety of jobs. It was not an EASY degree because of the strong science component - organic chem, physics, biochem, microbiology, etc. The best part of it for me WAS the animal component. It's like a biology degree but so much more fun!

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