Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Just a few thoughts today:

1. I haven't seen my yellow cat back. He missed his Monday appt and attempts to contact the owner have not been successful. I hope the cat is ok but I suspect his outstanding bill may have something to do with it. Though there was an agreement made. This is exactly why some vets do NOT do any type of payment agreement. We spent thousands to do the work. Now we could be screwed. And yeah, it adds up. I know of a vet that has zero..yes ZERO..accounts receivables. Great way to run a business. 

2. I am still amazed at how people act at a veterinary office 

  a. Complaining about money and being downright mean/nasty as if it's OUR fault their pet, who hasn't seen a vet in years (add the money up they saved..they have NO excuse NOW) and is not spayed but could have a serious uterine infection, is sick now. Let me clue you in on something here: if you are nicer, you'll get a lot more. Vets are often very willing to throw things in and we give away a lot more than you know about but when you are mean, nasty and have disdain for your pet's health and the people who care for her, you can bet, we will make sure you get charged for everything.

  b. Don't bring pets you didn't make an appointment for, ask us to examine them (bad enough) and then complain when you are called on it and told you are expected to pay for the always extended doctor's time you take up.

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