Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

I freely admit I don't have any inspired topic today. I don't have a cool news story or a case with interesting pictures. I don't even have a crazy client story.

So I'll give you what I've gotten out of the past several days at work.

1. I think every single day for the past few weeks I've seen several "skin issue" cases - rashes, itching, hair loss - and almost every single one was Flea Allergy Dermititis. Fleas are BAD this year! People that never had flea problems are having them. Including folks with indoor only kitties and no dogs!

2. I still am amazed that people simply don't show up for appointments and better yet, surgeries. In this day and age, come on - everyone has a cell phone or knows someone that does!  Just call!

3. Even after 13+ years, I still have things that baffle me. I had a kitten come in today with neurologic signs (rolling to one side) with no obvious cause. We adopted this cute thing out from a nurse that was fostering him a few days. He was fine. He was in the new owners home with no trauma, no toxins. Yet he has a pretty high white blood cell count. I hope we can help him but he's not looking too good, despite force feeding, IV fluids, steroids and antibiotics. Still, I NEVER count a cat out until he/she is dead! They are amazing.  

4. I still wonder why some people come in when they clearly don't want to treat the pet because it's too old to spend money on. Then don't! Don't waste my time or your money. Oh and this case, the dog had a problem that was likely short term even though he was older (age is NOT a disease). 

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  1. Still, I NEVER count a cat out until he/she is dead! They are amazing.
    Perhaps I can add this remark of your ro my quote files!
    Love ya