Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"It's Our Cat, You Know..What's His Name?"

These were the words I heard uttered today that had me LMAO.

Let me back up a bit and first tell you that this blog is not about veterinary medicine. It does involve some felines connected to football. I figured it was at least an animal related topic.


I went to see Purdue lose a heartbreaker of a game at Beaver Stadium today to PSU. Well, it WAS their homecoming weekend, so being the magnanimous mid-westerners they are, Purdue decided to give the game away by leaving 6 points on the field (one missed extra point, a missed 2 pt conversion and a missed FG) - not to mention a few other mistakes. 

I sat in front of two ladies, who while they were a bit obnoxious, were nice and harmless. What they said throughout the game was funny. At least I was laughing at something. Sometimes watching my Boilers shoot themselves in the foot gets painful. Yes, I am used to it but it still hurts. There's nothing worse than a glimmer of hope smashed! 

Near the end of the game, I hear them talking and one says to the other: "What is that they are passing around over there?"

Lady2: "I don't know"

Lady 1: "It's our know, what's it's name, what is it?"

I turn to her and go "You mean the Nittany Lion? Your mascot?"

Now mind you, I had already heard several times how they've been coming to games and watching games for 30 years. I don't know if they are PSU grads (I can imagine the PSU grads that read this will cringe if they are) or their husbands are (they were sitting next to them), but even if you don't watch much of the game, after 30 years, you think you'd pick up a few basics.  

They laughed at my answer and said "Yeah yeah, lion, tiger, whatever, it's a kitty, we like cats."

I said, "Well, it's a bit different than an Auburn Tiger or a Bayou Bengal" (I'm sure those references are lost on them)

Then they go "Well it's got fangs, so" and "Do you think he's neutered?"

I replied quickly "Yes, he is. I am a veterinarian and I neutered him a few years ago." LOL. They laughed at that. 

But let me tell you a few other things they said so you get a clearer picture
1. They thought for the longest time, until recently, that the same guys went on the field (ie, didn't realize there was an offense and a defense)
2. They didn't get how on TV the yellow line moved and today they couldn't keep track of where they needed to move the ball because there was no yellow line.
3. When the teams first came out, they had trouble differentiating their uniforms (PSU - white and blue, Purdue - gold and black w/white) 

I am NOT kidding on any of this. And they didn't seem to be drunk or intoxicated at all.  Though they felt they could keep track of the name "Boilermaker" a lot easier - because of the drink. Hmmm..

But no, I think they are really THAT smart.

They did like my black and gold nails and helped me find the closest ladies room to our seats.  Like I said, they were nice but they reminded me of the male version of the two old men in the balcony on the Muppets.  

I'd love to be there with them when Northwestern comes to town. 

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