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Snow Leopard
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update on a Miracle and Coughing Dogs

The other day I mentioned a kitten that had pneumonia. Today she was in for a recheck and she is just amazing! She was running all around the room like a devil, looks like she has been grooming herself and is nearly 100% better!

A little blurry I know but they NEVER stay still!!! 

Lately it seems I've been seeing a run of coughing dogs. Most of these are older patients with little exposure to other dogs or a history of boarding/grooming/dog parks, etc. 

In general people, don't seem to take this stuff seriously. These dogs lately have also been larger breed dogs. When I hear that an older dog is coughing, there are two main things that come to mind before I even walk in the door - cardiac (heart) disease/failure or cancer (primary or metastatic). The breed plays some role in which might be #1 vs #2 (ex: Doberman Pinschers have a lot of dilated cardiomyopathy.)

This week, I saw a 12 yr Pit Bull that turned out to have cancer throughout the lung fields, a 9 year old Pit Bull (no the breed doesn't have a predisposition to either of these but see a lot of the breed) that had a very enlarged heart and a significant murmur and then a 9 yr old Lab that had...kennel cough.  Yes, every once in a while, it is something nice and simple!

These were all diagnosed with chest radiographs and in some cases supported by blood work.

If your dog is coughing, call your vet for an appointment!!  

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