Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Case Updates

Those of you that regularly read my blog are familiar with these cases but if you are not, I will provide links to the blog/s they were mentioned in along with each one.

1.  The Americana chicken - "Rosa".  She had a crop infection that ruptured to the outside. It took many weeks and some diligent care on the part of the owners plus a few vet checks, 2 surgeries to close the crop and now the skin is nearly closed over the wound.  The crop has been healed and functioning normally. Throughout this entire episode Rosa has been a sweetheart of a patient. 

The First Blog On Her
The Day of Her First Surgery

Side note: In case anyone is wondering what a crop in a bird is it's a part of the gastrointestinal tract that dilates and stores food prior to digestion.  In the picture below it is the white balloon like object at the front of the bird.

2. The cat with the large gaping wound on her abdomen that we put the drain in last week is doing great! The skin had some tension on it but it is healing. There a few spots that will have to granulate in but overall it's healthy tissue and is not swollen anymore.   We removed her drain today. I'll try to get another picture when she comes in for suture removal.

The Day She Came In

3. I didn't see that I posted this one before, but a cute scraggly little kitty that a very good client brought is doing well after leaving the hospital the other day. She had developed aspiration pneumonia.  The lady found her at a local (and excellent!) restaurant where she works. I told her the kitten had great taste to have climbed on their deck! She's been taking care of her since then - first for an upper respiratory infection and supportive care (force feeding, etc) and now for pneumonia. We don't know how she developed this as she has NOT been force fed for quite some time. But it is always possible she attempted to vomit or did vomit and got something in her lungs. She didn't look too good for a few days even in the oxygen cage with injectable medications.  Still, she's always been a fighter.  

Here's a pic of her I sent to her owner - who frequently texts me with updates.

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