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Snow Leopard
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Loyalty IS Important But So Is Communication

I just want to say that good vets know who their loyal clients are and go out of their way to accommodate them - be it an appointment when there are none or an "extra" thing thrown in for no charge or even a house call for something. Yes we do still do those!

Today was an experience in loyalty and AGAIN, the importance of communication as well. 

Oh yes, communication is often cited as the number ONE reason that vets end up at the wrong end of a lawsuit. But communication is a TWO way street. As I've told you in the past, we'd MUCH prefer if you were upfront as to what you will and won't do - be it financially or for whatever other reasons. 
What is frustrating is when a client has MULTIPLE opportunities to communicate that they have financial limitations and just don't do so. I do NOT judge people for whatever financial capabilities they have. I DO expect honesty and to be paid for MY expertise, time and services.  I will always work with people who express such limitations and explain to them that while this is not the "ideal" treatment, you can try "x" but be on the lookout for "a, b and c." 

What I DO NOT like (and I know other vets share this sentiment) is after having done an exam and/or diagnostics to be told that the client 1. doesn't have a dime or 2. wasn't expecting to pay - that is just insulting. BE UPFRONT. We don't want to "eat" the costs of your pet's tests anymore than the grocery store would even consider eating the cost of that extra steak you can't pay for but you feel your family deserves.

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