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Snow Leopard
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on Pepsi Grant for Lehigh Valley No-Kill

An update on the Pepsi Grant awarded to No-Kill Lehigh Valley:

"The check for the first half of our grant arrived on March 11th (a week later than we had been told initially) and checks were written and sent out. 

Veterinary care took the majority of the grant.  There were so many critical cases.  Maybe it was due to the ice, but we immediately had a number dogs with broken appendages.  We also authorized surgery to repair injuries that dogs had had for many months - a cruciate repair on a shepherd mix who had been in great pain for some time and repair of a fractured pelvis on a poodle who had been suffering for 4 months.  We paid to fix the broken leg of a puppy and paid for most of the cost of the surgery to fix a Lab's broken leg. We paid to repair the broken femur of a German Shepherd.  We paid for treatment for dogs with skin conditions and fecal impactions.  We definitely saved the life of a Pit Bull puppy with Parvo who had to spend a weekend at Valley Central - and is now fine! 
We paid for the surgery on a Cockatoo's prolapsed cloaca.
We paid for numerous sick cats to be seen for eyes and ears and lumps and urinary problems.  We were forced to bite the bullet and send a blocked cat to Valley Central Emergency on the weekend - he would surely have died otherwise.  He is now fine and has been adopted by the woman who found him.  We paid for the surgery on a cat's ruptured bowel.  

All in all we have paid for $18,440.07 in veterinary care.  In addition,we have paid in whole or in part for the spaying and neutering of 166 cats and 4 dogs for a total of $6318.00 in spay/neuter cost.  If you do the math, you will see that the first installment of our grant is gone.  And the calls keep coming in.  Just today I had to turn away 2 cats and 1 dog who needed care.  That's the really horrible part of this work. 

Nevrtheless, we have done a tremendous amount of good work that would not have been done without the Pepsi grant which we could not have won without your help.  So thank you!"

Please visit:  to see some of the animals helped!  And of course, you can continue to support them through donations.

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