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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post Op Report on Operation CatSnip

When I arrived at Dr. Karen's Critter Care at 9am this morning, I was amazed at the number of cat carriers all over the lobby and hallways! It was a Kittypalooza!!!

 Dr. Karen Hess hosted this at her practice in downtown Allentown, which has two surgery suites so we both could do procedures at the same time and get more cats done!

Everyone was trying to get things organized. The goals were to get the males and females separated and also figure out what vaccines the cats needed. 

 We wanted to do the castrations first as they are a bit quicker than a cat spay (ovariohysterectomy). 

Here I am with a male about
to be prepped for surgery.

Sometime during the first hour or so, WFMZ showed up and interviewed someone from No-Kill Lehigh Valley and also filmed us with a cat or two. I was told this would be on 6pm THIS evening but at last look, it hadn't aired.  The guy in the black shirt is from WFMZ.

After we did all the boys, it was on to the females.  This one below is being prepped for surgery. We also like to make sure they have empty bladders (makes surgery a bit easier!).

There were so many great people helping out today! All volunteers. Gloria is one of the best! She can do pretty much anything that needs to be done pre-op and post-op! 

Here is one of the cats being spayed:

Some kitties have already bred (remember that pyramid that shows how many kittens 2 cats can produce in a short number of years?). This is a kitty in the early stages of pregnancy. She also has a pretty big cyst on one of her ovaries.  

Close up of the cyst
This is one of the little cuties we spayed today. She was a little sleepy during this picture as she was still waking up from surgery.

After it was all said and done, the owners of each pet or group of pets (we had a group of 19 and a group of 12!!!) were called and they came to pick them up.

I was told we did approximately 60 cats with a fairly even amount of males and females. This was just for THIS location. There were surgeries at two other hospitals.  

Please visit  No Kill Lehigh Valley's Blog which is already up!  They took some pictures with a "real" camera. I just had my camera phone which I popped out between procedures or had Mike (an awesome tech!) use for me.  

It was a fun way to spend a Sunday!  

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