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Snow Leopard
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Operation CatSnip

I'm excited and proud to be taking part next Sunday in this endeavor to help get cats spayed and neutered throughout the Lehigh Valley at a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced cost.  All of the technicians and veterinarians participating in this are volunteers. There are various locations where this will be going on. I will be in downtown Allentown most of the day doing these surgeries.

Remember that Pepsi Grant I asked you all to vote for? This is part of what No-Kill Lehigh Valley does with the money. They do a lot more than that too (help people who can't help their animals in so many ways - ie, paying for a specialist to do surgery, paying for medications or diagnostics/procedures, etc). 

If you know anyone who has cats that are not yet spayed or neutered, please give them the number or email address below! It's getting time for "kitten season" where, once again, we will be faced with lots of breeding and not enough homes!  In case you need a graphic to get the real "picture" :
This is ONE pair of! 

Taken directly from their Blog

As part of our effort to make the Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley a no-kill community, No Kill Lehigh Valley routinely holds low cost spay/neuter clinics know as Operation Catsnip.

Our next Catsnip will be held on Sunday, March 27th 2011

Female cats cost $35.00

Male cats cost $25.00

Rabies/Distemper vaccinations are $10.00 each available to cats having surgery.

To register: or 484-554-5048

Surgery locations and drop-off time given at registration.

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