Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Caipirinha (def) from Wikipedia:  "Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça ,sugar and lime."


Cute polydactyl kitty!

For those of you who don't know what polydactyl means: extra toes!! These are cats that have what looks like mittens for paws. It can be front only or all four paws that have these. 

I've always found them adorable!! But, as with all my pets, I've never gone out and bought an animal. I let them come to me...via my constant contact with cats in need. 

Let me back up and say that the drink, Caipirinha, is fantastic. If you like mojitos, and don't have an issue with tequila (because my best friend tells me the Brazilian Rum this drink is made with reminds her of tequila in taste and I CAN see why), you will love this drink. I discovered this drink (thanks to my former boss's wife) in Key West, Florida. AND also notable in Key West is Ernest Hemingway's estate filled with polydactyl kitties - generations down the line from a special cat given to him by a ship's captain. I went to this estate, not because I like Hemingway as an author, but because I simply wanted to see these cute little kitties and take lots of photos!  

Anyhow, back to my cat's story.  The ladies I worked with (notably a cat lover like myself) knew that I always wanted a polydactyl kitty. And we, as a clinic, took in strays from local townships (in NJ). So, one day, a little itty bitty kitty with extra toes came in and within 5 mins, I was told about it. True, I wasn't looking for another cat (at that time, I had 4) but I couldn't resist. Oh and she was full of piss and vinegar too. She was found, all alone, next to a dumpster at a Charlie Brown's restaurant in Alpha, NJ. Imagine this hissing and spitting at you and tell me you wouldn't laugh:

So why I named her Caipurrinha? Well, I was originally thinking Mojito but my husband vetoed it saying THAT was a male name. I came up with this because she reminded me of Key West AND we had gotten the most comfortable flip-flops there called Kai-Kai's. So it was doubly appropriate.

Anyhow, she's calmed down quite a bit and is now much more of a mush.  She hated our most recent addition, Sahara, for one week. Now they are best friends and play each day.  

Here are a few other picture of her (listen, I don't have human children ok???) :)

Her more recent nickname is "double stuff" (as in Oreo)  because this black and white kitty, while remaining small, is getting "wider."  


  1. LOL - never thought about calling our black ans white kitty double stuff...even triple stuff would apply...

  2. bless you for all the kindness