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Snow Leopard
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Brings Back Memories

When I was in undergrad, at the Univ of Delaware, my immunology professor, Dr. John Dohms, used to read these cases from the CDC's Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report. They were often cases involving zoonotic agents (things that can pass from animals to humans) and/or weird cases. I used to love that part of the class.

This case of human rabies in a 70yr old man illustrates just the sort of cases we'd go through. The MMWR, as it's called, is often quite detailed in the history and progression of the case, also offering a summary on what can be learned from it. 

In this case (which supports MY stress on getting and keeping your pets - even "indoor kitties" - up to date on rabies vaccine!),the report states:

This case highlights the variable presentations of rabies and the ease with which a diagnosis of rabies can be missed in a clinically challenging patient with comorbidities. Clinicians should consider rabies in the differential diagnosis for patients with progressive encephalitis or neurologic illness of unknown etiology and caregivers should take precautions to avoid exposure to body fluids. Continued public education regarding risks for rabies virus exposure during interactions with wildlife, particularly bats, is important.

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  1. Definitely the type of text you need to SLOW down and read, then reread!