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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheetah Gets a Root Canal

This is yet another cool story! I actually visited this zoo and its veterinary hospital when I was in California a few years ago. We had gone to a veterinary conference in Las Vegas and took a few extra days to visit some very good friends that live approximately 1 1/2hrs from LV in the high desert of southern CA. My friends, knowing I'd always be game for seeing animals, took us to The Living Desert. This veterinary hospital is very impressive. Trust me. I would've very gladly worked there (well, except I didn't want to live in California)! 

This story has a short but very well done video showing the cheetah under anesthesia and how the public can view all sorts of procedures. 

Thirteen-year-old cheetah gets root canal at valley zoo

 Written by Sherry Barkas The Desert Sun

Palm Desert — Nobody likes to have a root canal, but if you're a cheetah, you at least get to sleep through the procedure.

Topaz, a 13-year-old cheetah at The Living Desert, started her day Thursday with a trip to the dentist.

Stretched out on a gurney in a glass enclosed surgery room at the zoo's Tennity Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center, the anesthetized 90-pound cat was oblivious to the team of about six doctors and technicians working on it.

There was no twitching of the paws as devices attached to them to monitor her heart and other vitals were adjusted. No ear fluttered as they moved her head from side to side to X-ray the cheetah's mouth

Cheetah Gets Root Canal

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