Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help! I Need YOUR Input!

Ok, I gave in and adopted this adorable sweet little kitty from my current place of employment:

She was hit by a car (commonly referred to as HBC in our profession) months ago and brought in by someone that found her. She had a fractured pelvis. With cage rest and time, she healed beautifully. However, she had a fracture of her left femoral head off of her femur. Left in place, this causes chronic pain of bone on bone rubbing. I discussed this procedure briefly here. I will try to get pictures of this cat's xrays because they show it best.

A few weeks ago, I spayed her and did her FHO procedure. She has been a very sweet cat. Everyone wanted me to take her. I still had Arizona at THAT time so I wasn't sure I wanted to add another cat to the mix. Still, I felt bad she was in a cage for months on end. Post-op she was not really getting the exercise she needed to build muscles and form that "false" joint in that surgery leg. So I gave in and took her. 

She is VERY sweet. Her name at the clinic was "Moto" for motor vehicle, etc. I don't like it. I want a girly, sweet name. I was tending toward food/drink and possibly something Italian but nothing is JUMPING out at please, suggest away...I had things like "Dolce" and "Cannoli" but we couldn't agree on it.  

She's got really cool ticked fur on most of her body with patches of orange and white in other areas. 

I've had her nearly a week and still don't have a name yet. Since cat's live nearly 15 years on average, we need one that suits her and that we like too!



  1. I would name her FELISA because she is one lucky cat and that's a nice Italian name.

  2. Pumpkin or Spice...or the Italian version of either

  3. she look so kind how about "puddy tat"l with puddy for short


  4. How about "Bella" for your new kitty? It is Italian, it is beautiful, and it is girly.

    Diane, Coconut's human Mom

    BTW, we had Coconut's spleen removed in January and she is doing great! HCT is constant at 29, gums pink (!), reducing her pred. Thanks for blogging about her a while ago.

  5. Thanks for the responses friends. I will let you know the decision we've come to shortly...