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Snow Leopard
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dining With Your Dog

Well, this is another one of those things I can see both sides on: 

1. Sometimes people do get a bit too attached to their animals (there are extremes in everything) - like you really can't go out for 2 hours to eat without your pet?? 

2. It's nice that you CAN take your dog with you - as long as it is outside, I think it would be just fine (as long as certain issues - notably waste removal - are addressed). Let's say you are walking your dog and want to eat out, a restaurant would benefit from this - you wouldn't have to go home and then go back out. Obviously this would only work in certain types of locations. 

City may adopt new law July 12

COCOA — Some city restaurants may add Alpo and Purina Puppy Chow to their menus this summer, serving a new canine clientele.
After brief discussion Tuesday night, the Cocoa City Council gave preliminary approval to a dog-friendly dining ordinance by a 5-0 vote.
If adopted July 12, Cocoa restaurants could obtain annual dog-dining permits for $25. Participating businesses would have to provide City Hall proof of $1 million in liability insurance and "procedures for dog waste control," among other stipulations.
Mayor Michael Blake said he polled downtown businesses, and only one was opposed to the idea. He joked that "all canines must be on a leash -- not a chain, but a leash."
John Titkanich, community development director, said the ordinance would only allow doggie-dining at designated outdoor areas, not indoors.

Florida City Ok's Taking Your Dog To Dinner

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