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Snow Leopard
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rabies Vaccine: No excuse and plenty of good reasons!

Below is a list of just a few stories highlighting why you should have your pets vaccinated against rabies.  The story in Peru illustrates something else - we have bat rabies here in the US also - and there have been cases of humans being bit and NOT even knowing it. I know of one case where a young girl died and only after her death did they figure out it was due to a bat bite she got while sleeping.  So, the "well, my cat doesn't go out" excuse does not fly. There is no good reason to NOT vaccinate. Yes, it can be a 3 yr vaccine if your pet has had the initial one year vaccine. 

In many places there are free or discount rabies vaccine clinics. Even if you can't afford to do other vaccines or veterinary care, there is really no excuse to NOT have your pet vaccinated.  This applies to horses too as they often come into contact with rabid animals, including stray "barn" cats that many times are often NOT vaccinated. Cats are the top domestic animal to have rabies by the way.  

And for those of us working with animals, we need to be vaccinated too. We just never know what we are going to come into contact with! 

A Rabid Dog in a Shelter
A Big Problem in PA
A Horse in Virginia
Family Pets in GA Contract Rabies
Children in Peru Contracting Rabies from Bats
Rabid Racoon in FL

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