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Snow Leopard
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

It Doesn't Go Unnoticed

A client called me today on my cell phone. I don't give that number out to just anyone or offer being available to anyone, anytime without knowing the person. 

This client has been someone that has taken good care of MY dog in another pet related industry. In any case, I saw one of her dogs recently for an illness and she was quite concerned about the progress of improvement. We talked a time or two during the week but I told her to call me if there were any questions over the weekends as well. 

I can pretty well tell who would abuse the privilege at this stage in my career and she is not one of those people.

She called because another pet had stolen the treat containing the sick - but now significantly improved - dog's medications. This dog also is on some other medications for a chronic medical condition. In any case, I was able to reassure her that the pet was going to be fine. Fortunately these medications wouldn't pose a problem one time at that dose in this other dog.

In addition to expressing gratitude to be able to talk to me on a Sunday evening, she also told me about how a few other clients of mine from a previous job have spoken of me. One was eager to find me and see me with her pets again but was taken quickly by aggressive cancer. Her husband told my client that she would be upset if her pets saw anyone other than me, so I apparently will be seeing them soon. 

My client told me that I am a compassionate vet who always FIRST gives kisses and love to the pets and that THAT is so important to so many pets owners and that I am also a smart cookie. 

I say this NOT to toot MY horn, but simply to say that all the "little" things we do, day in and day out, in our daily jobs and in our meetings with people in everyday life, makes more of an impact that we often know. A kind word like that, while maybe seemingly not a big deal or simply the "truth" to the speaker, can impart such a boost to the heart of the receiver. It only encourages me to not to FAIL to tell someone when they do a good job, go the extra mile, look nice, etc. You really never how much that person may need to hear that AT that time. 

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