Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard cub (7 mos old) - Cape May County Zoo

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gratuitous Cake

Sure this is animal related. It's a snow leopard.  AND it was for a certain *cough cough* veterinarian's 40th birthday. 

This delicious piece of art work is from The Pink Cake Box. The link is to the blog on MY special cake, and has a great picture of the back too, but please check out their other cakes. You will be impressed. They are all beautiful. I strongly urge you to consider them if you are in NJ, NY or PA for YOUR next special cake needs. THEY are amazing.

I am sure this is a one of a kind cake for them. Who asks for a snow leopard...AND a crab? A wild kitty like me, that's who! Actually my wonderful husband did this all behind my back..but he obviously knows me :) He and the wonderful folks at the pasticceria (my Rosetta stone this word - Italian for pastry shop) came up with this design.

I'm an ailurophile (cat lover!). I have a passion for all things feline, love the big kitties and am enamored especially with the snow leopards. These gorgeous, elegant, secretive and elusive cats are in danger of extinction. I've been a big supporter of The Snow Leopard Trust as long as I have known about them.

And for those that really know me, I have been a bit of a Deadliest Catch groupie. I've met Captains Sig Hansen, Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand, Keith and Monte Colburn, and Phil Harris (RIP!)  as well as a host of other crew members. I've had photos signed, pictures taken with them, partied with some in Philly and others in Seattle and got to be on the Northwestern and Wizard in Seattle a few years ago. 

This cake was the true epitome of me in so many ways. 

Thanks to the Stone Bar Inn for hosting this party. The owners are clients of mine and lovely and amazing people too - and boy can THEY make some amazingly delicious food!  

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