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Snow Leopard
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Veterinary Technicians

I want to talk today about veterinary technicians. It's not Vet Tech Appreciation Week (that comes in mid October).

Veterinary technicians can be trained in school or on the job.
I've known excellent techs that have come up in the ranks both ways. I've known techs that went to school that couldn't do much and techs that learned on the job that were superb.  It's about the person as much as the training. Are they eager to learn, do they have the skills - both physical and mental - for the job?

It is a tough job. They are often the main communication between the client and the doctor. They offer support and comfort during difficult times. They are our back up and check system.  I am not too proud to say that I've been saved from mistakes by a veterinary technician. I've learned a great deal from them as well. Early on in my career, there were a few that had far more years of experience and could guide me on cases and techniques. Even recently, I've been able to learn a great deal from one who was married to a veterinary surgeon. Her knowledge base is unmatched. As are her skills and compassion for every pet owner. 

These folks don't get paid a lot and work long, hard hours. They often give up extra time to get the job done. They stay late or come in on days off to give injections to a pet for owners who can't do it at home. They offer to go to someone's home to trim cat nails or give fluids to a patient.   

Next time you go to your vet hospital, remember thank the vet techs that work there! A little gift would be much appreciated too - a gift card for food, Starbucks, a pet supply place or a donation to a known favorite shelter or pet related organization are all great ideas. 

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